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*Seamus Dever posted on Twitter that he and Jon Huertas were instructed by Andrew Marlow to put on the dumbest face they could when Castle and Beckett look over at them after making the bet.
*Seamus Dever posted on Twitter that he and Jon Huertas were instructed by Andrew Marlow to put on the dumbest face they could when Castle and Beckett look over at them after making the bet.
*This is the first time that Beckett gives Castle a gun
*This is the second time that Beckett gives Castle a gun, the first time being when they go after Scott Dunn, serial killer and bomber in the Season 2 Episodes "Tick, tick, tick..." and "Boom!"; Season 2 Ep 17 and 18.
==Featured Music==
==Featured Music==

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Basic Details[edit]

Season 3, Episode 1 (35)

Original Air Date - September 20, 2010


After spending the summer apart, Castle and Beckett reunite under unusual circumstances when he is found at two seemingly unrelated crime scenes. With all evidence pointing at him, and while seeking a little revenge after Castle's rejection at the start of the summer and his failure to call at the end of his Naked Heat book tour, Beckett arrests Castle for murder, then once he is exonerated, reluctantly enlists his help to solve the crimes.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

Guest Cast[edit]

  • Charlene Amoia – Ana Marie
  • Meghan Ashley – Fire Breather
  • Gino Cafarelli – Dan Carbino
  • Ethan Erickson – Xander Foyle
  • Justice Gamble – Bartender
  • Craig Gellis – Earl 30,170
  • Lisa O’Hare – Kitty Canary
  • Michael Rady – Evan
  • L.T. Tolliver – Uniform


Ryan: He really IS ruggedly handsome. (about Castle's cutout)

Castle: You look good.
Beckett: You look good too.
Castle: Yeah?
Beckett: For MURDER!

Beckett (to Ryan & Esposito, after an egg splatters at her feet): Are you guys reenacting the Humpty-Dumpty crime scene?

Martha: Have I taught you nothing about relationships?
Castle: You’re a shining example.

Castle (about a boy Alexis likes who hasn’t called her after promising to do so): Maybe he’ll surprise you.
Alexis: Maybe he missed his chance.

Castle: You won’t regret this.
Beckett: I already do.
Castle: Starting now.

Castle (about Alexis and the boy she likes): So who called whom first?
Martha: What does it matter? As long as they connected.


  • Seamus Dever posted on Twitter that he and Jon Huertas were instructed by Andrew Marlow to put on the dumbest face they could when Castle and Beckett look over at them after making the bet.
  • This is the second time that Beckett gives Castle a gun, the first time being when they go after Scott Dunn, serial killer and bomber in the Season 2 Episodes "Tick, tick, tick..." and "Boom!"; Season 2 Ep 17 and 18.

Featured Music[edit]

  • Fever (Adam Freeland Remix) performed by Sarah Vaughan - heard in the background when Castle and Beckett enter the burlesque club and a beautiful woman doing a strip tease gets Castle's attention.
  • Those Days performed by Lucy Schwartz - Castle returns home to his loft after solving the case, and finds Alexis has finally reconnected with the boy she met over the summer.

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Richard Castle runs, confused and lost, through what looks like a warehouse. He carries a gun in one hand. Distant voices can be heard searching for him, but he sees no one and no exit. Suddenly bullets start flying his way, shattering mirrors and glassware, causing bits and pieces to rain down on Castle’s head. He runs further, escaping harm, and locates an exit door. He bursts outside into an alley where Detective Kate Beckett sees him, immediately raises her gun at him, and orders him to the ground. He ignores her order and instead aims his handgun at her. Beckett is concerned, but refuses to lower her gun. Castle also refuses, putting the two in a standoff. Finally, someone fires.

Flashback three days to the homicide division of the 12th Precinct, where Detective Kevin Ryan is busy trying to balance an egg on its head. The egg falls off his desk and splatters on the floor, right at the feet of Beckett. When she asks whether or not they are reenacting the Humpty-Dumpty crime scene, Ryan explains that it’s the Autumnal Equinox. His partner, Javier Esposito chimes in that Ryan believes that the Autumnal Equinox is the only time of year when one should be able to balance an egg on its tip. Beckett tosses both of them a file and orders them back to work.

As she heads for her own desk, she calls over her shoulder that the egg thing is just urban legend. Ryan disagrees, saying that he saw Castle do it last year. The reference to Castle pains Beckett slightly as she sits. Esposito picks up on Beckett’s emotion and heads in her direction, smacking Ryan on the back of the head on his way. Ryan picks up on his mistake and follows Esposito over to Beckett’s desk. The two try to cheer her up by suggesting that she call Castle or by guessing that he’s not back from the Hamptons yet or hasn’t finished his latest Nikki Heat book, Naked Heat. Beckett reminds them that Castle promised to call in the fall and since it’s the fall and he hasn’t called, he’s clearly got better things to do. Almost on cue, Beckett’s phone rings. She answers it somewhat expectantly, only to have someone tell her about a murder.

The three meet Medical Examiner Lanie Parish at the crime scene where a young woman hangs from a low-hanging awning below a broken glass window a few stories up. Lanie explains that the fall didn’t kill her – gunshot wounds to the torso, prior to her falling out of the window, did. Esposito says that the victim’s name is Chloe Whitman and that of the witnesses he interviewed, nobody recalls seeing anyone flee the scene. As the three observe the scene, Ryan notices a nearby book shop owner put a cardboard cutout of Castle, holding Naked Heat, in the store window to advertise an upcoming book signing. Beckett sighs heavily at seeing Castle’s picture and the others express their frustration and indignation at Castle’s not calling at the end of the summer and not sending them all a copy of the book. Beckett angrily returns them all to reality, and suggests that they go up to the apartment from which the victim fell to see what other evidence they can find. As they walk away, Beckett notices the cardboard cutout seems to follow her, haunting her and Ryan stops, looks at the cutout and says "He really is ruggedly handsome."

In the upstairs apartment, Beckett & Esposito conclude that the victim tried to escape, but a bullet from a large caliber round hit her, causing her to stumble through the window and fall to the street below, only to have the awning break her fall. They also find a half-packed suitcase on the floor, indicating that she was heading out of town soon.

The victim’s boyfriend, Evan Murphy, arrives and tells Beckett he didn’t know of anyone who would want to hurt his girlfriend – she was a teacher whom everyone loved. Beckett asks about the suitcase and Evan answers that it wouldn’t make sense for Chloe to be leaving town with classes scheduled for the next day and without telling him. Lanie interrupts and indicates that she found something – a crumpled piece of paper with a Tribeca address written on it.

Beckett, Ryan and Esposito travel to the address, an apartment rented by a Maya Santori and find the front door to the apartment ajar. They pull their guns and dive into the residence. It is clearly the apartment of an artist – a bust sculpture of a man lays broken in the middle of the floor. As they approach the resident’s bedroom, Beckett hears breaking glass and sees someone in the bedroom through a strip of glass next to the bedroom door. She signals to Ryan and Esposito that they’re going in, and Esposito takes the lead bursting through the door. They find the bedroom trashed and the dead body of a woman laying on the bed with a man standing over it holding a gun. Ryan fires at the man, but at the last second, Esposito recognizes the man and hits Ryan’s arm causing the shot to miss.

The man turns and reveals himself as Castle.

Beckett queries what he’s doing there, but before he can answer, she notices that he’s still holding a handgun. The three order him to drop the gun, more angrily than usual, which he does, pleading that his presence at the crime scene is not what it looks like. Beckett says that it never is and arrests him for murder.

In an interrogation room at the precinct, Beckett subjects Castle to an intense interrogation. He tries to lighten their reunion with comments about the remodeled interrogation room and whether or not she’s wearing new lipstick, but Beckett doesn’t bite. She demands to know why Castle was caught standing over a dead body with a gun in his hand. He explains that the victim, Maya Santori, had called him since he had bought some sculptures from her previously and knowing that he worked with the police. She claimed to be in some kind of trouble that she couldn’t go to the police about, but never told him what kind of trouble. Beckett asks why Castle didn’t call. Castle isn’t sure if she means about the victim or at the end of the summer, so he keeps his answer general, saying that he planned to call, but she and the guys showed up before he could. Beckett asks if Castle was sleeping with Maya, to which he answers that he’s already in a relationship. When he asks why such information is relevant, Beckett explains that it could give him a motive to kill Maya and that since she hasn’t seen him in months, she can’t be expected to know who he is in a relationship with. Castle accuses Beckett of being jealous and turns the table on her, asking how things are going with Demming, the detective she was dating before Castle left for the Hamptons. When Beckett’s face registers hurt, Castle correctly guesses that the two are no longer together. Beckett changes the subject and asks why Castle picked up the gun at the scene. He says that he arrived at Maya’s apartment and found her dead and the bedroom trashed. He heard noises and was afraid that her killer might return, only the noises he heard were Beckett and the guys arriving.

In the observation room, Esposito, Ryan and Captain Roy Montgomery watch the interrogation and admonish Ryan for almost shooting Castle. Esposito regrets that Ryan missed since Castle failed to live up to his promise to call them at summer’s end. A uniformed cop hands Montgomery a folder and he calls Beckett out of the interrogation room. Castle greets Montgomery warmly, only to have Montgomery give him a severe look back. Castle pleads with them all, but to no avail.

Outside the room, Montgomery tells Beckett that the gun Castle was holding was not the gun that killed either Chloe Whitman or Maya Santori, but that the same gun did kill both women. Even though Beckett concludes that Castle was telling the truth, Montgomery offers to let her hold him for a while in retaliation for hurting her. She refuses and tells Castle he’s free to go. When he asks what their next move is, Beckett tells him to go home, that he isn’t needed for the investigation since he’s only a witness. When Castle presses her that he’s already involved since he knew one of the victims, in a pained voice, Beckett tells him to go back to the Hamptons and his ex-wife since she has work to do. She walks away and Castle pleads to know what he did. He turns to see Ryan & Esposito glare at him before also walking away.

Castle arrives home to find his daughter Alexis and his mother Martha Rodgers laughing at an internet video of a penguin whacking another penguin with a baseball bat. When they offer to let him watch and he refuses, he explains that he stopped by the precinct. When Alexis says she thought he wasn’t going back until after his book tour, he explains that fate intervened through Maya’s murder. Martha asks how everyone at the precinct is doing, especially Beckett, but when Castle says they’re all fine, she doesn’t believe him. Castle tries to change the subject by asking why Martha isn’t with her boyfriend Chet, and she tells him that Alexis hasn’t heard from the guy she met at the summer program at Princeton and is upset that he promised to call, but hasn’t. Castle, seeing a parallel to his own situation with Beckett, attempts to explain away why the guy hasn’t called. Martha dismisses Castle’s idea and Alexis accuses him of taking the guy’s side over hers. Castle tries to make her feel better by saying that maybe he’s planning to make it up to her by surprising her. Alexis intimates that the guy missed his chance causing Castle to think about how he can get back into Beckett’s good graces.

Back at the precinct, Beckett looks painfully at the empty chair next to her desk that Castle usually sits in. Esposito tries to make her feel better by saying that she should have thrown Castle in a holding cell for not calling. Beckett shoots down the idea because she wouldn’t want to subject the folks in holding to Castle’s antics. Ryan jumps in and says that ballistics showed that the same gun was used to kill both Maya and Chloe and that Chloe’s boyfriend didn’t recognize Maya. Esposito adds that none of Maya’s friends and co-workers recognize Chloe. The two detectives look expectantly at Beckett, hoping that case work will pull her out of her funk. She recognizes how they are trying to help her and tells them to cross check the two women’s phone records and financial histories for any commonalities. She then heads off to the morgue to check in with Lanie.

Meanwhile, Castle heads to the Maya Santori crime scene and gives a uniformed officer coffee and baked goods in exchange for letting him take a closer look at the scene. The officer agrees and Castle looks around, eventually finding something that piques his interest.

Arriving at the morgue, Lanie asks if Beckett wants to talk about Castle’s reappearance, to which Beckett answers an emphatic no. Lanie tells Beckett that she found tattoos on both victims, possibly from the same artist and a three digit number written on Chloe’s hand a week before she was killed. Lanie also shows Beckett cab receipts for the day of the murder that she pulled from Maya pockets. Beckett’s phone rings and Ryan tells her that the cross check of both victim’s phone records resulted in a hit – both women were contacted by a Todd McCutcheon, who has a criminal record of robbery and assault, within hours of their deaths. The three arrive at Todd’s address and find him dead and Castle, once again, standing over the body.

Beckett threatens to arrest Castle again and he explains that he was just trying to help with the investigation. When Beckett twists his ear to get him to explain how he found Todd’s apartment, he says that he dialed *69 on Maya Santori’s phone to find out who she called last. When Todd’s name came up on his voice mail, he found the address on the internet. Esposito tells Beckett that the body is cold, so therefore has been dead for hours, eliminating Castle as a suspect. Ryan wonders what the connection is between Todd, who had a vending machine business, Maya, who was a sculptor, and Chloe, who was a chemistry teacher. Beckett tells the two to dig into all three victims’ lives looking for commonalities. When Castle asks how he can help, Beckett says she is sorry for his friend’s death, but that if he had really wanted to come back, he would have called her already, instead of being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. Castle asks her if it had occurred to her that he might have been waiting to hear from her and that the fact that they’ve bumped into each other twice at two separate crime scenes tells him that fate wants them working together again. Beckett, resigned to the fact that she will not be able to get rid of Castle, finally agrees to let him help her on the investigation, but makes him promise to do what she tells him and not to do his own investigating. He agrees.

Back at his apartment, Castle speaks to Alexis who is aimlessly staring into the refrigerator in the kitchen and unable to sleep. She is also still upset about her lack of contact with the boy she met over the summer. She tells her Dad that he did call, but she didn’t answer the phone because she was mad with him and doesn’t know what to do next. Castle suggests that she start over with someone new, but is rebuffed by Alexis, who obviously has no interest in starting over with someone else. Castle admits that he doesn’t know what to tell her, and the two resume Alexis’ staring aimlessly into the refrigerator.

The next day Castle arrives at the precinct with coffee for him and Beckett. She smiles at the gesture, but hides it quickly so he doesn’t detect her appreciation. Beckett says that Todd’s girlfriend is on her way and that searches through their backgrounds yielded little in the way of useful information. When Castle wildly guesses that they were CIA agents targeted for elimination, Beckett teases him about the usefulness of his fantastic theories. Castle then bets Beckett that he can link the three victims before her. She takes him up on the bet, but says that if she finds the connection first, he has to stop interfering with any of her cases ever again. Castle accepts and says that if he wins, she has to take him back as her partner. Beckett agrees. Castle wonders what they should do if Ryan and Esposito, who are listening in intently from their desks nearby, figure it out first. They both quickly agree that that won’t happen.

Ryan and Esposito get up from their desks and inquire what Beckett & Castle are talking about. Castle is surprised when Beckett says he was just apologizing for not calling (which he wasn't really doing). Ryan & Esposito glare at Castle, making it clear that even if Beckett has forgiven him, they haven’t. They then mention that forensics found a blood smear at Maya’s apartment that matches Todd’s and found some of his blood on Maya’s shoe, leading Beckett to believe that Maya was at Todd’s either during or after his murder. Ryan says that the cab company picked up Maya outside Todd’s apartment the morning of the murders and took her somewhere in the Bowery. Twenty minutes later they picked her up and took her back to her place. Castle says that just after she returned home, Maya called him.

Beckett and Castle interview Todd’s fiancee who says that she’s never seen Maya or Chloe before. She also explains that while he did have a sketchy past, he had turned his life around with the new vending machine business. She also mentioned that he had hurt his back a couple months ago putting him out of work, so he borrowed money from a guy in the neighborhood to pay debts to the bank and keep his business. The guy he borrowed the money from came to him when he fell behind in the payments and a couple weeks prior to his death the man came to Todd and threatened him with a gun, saying he’d kill him if he didn’t make his payments.

Beckett & Castle then interview Dean Carbino, the man who Todd borrowed $15,000 from and he admits that he threatened Todd, but denies that he murdered him. He says that he wouldn’t have killed anyone for as little as sum as $15,000 and that before he was killed, Todd paid his debt off in full plus interest, so he had no reason to kill him. Esposito verifies his alibi and Carbino is eliminated as a suspect. Ryan wonders if he didn’t order a hit on Todd, to which Beckett answers that the theory makes sense, but a hit on Maya and Chloe wouldn’t make sense. Castle, sitting apart from the three detectives, asks if they have Todd’s financial history. Esposito and Ryan turn slowly and glare at Castle, coldly saying that Todd’s financials are on their way. Castle says that he was wondering because being able to pay off a debt of $15,000 would be tough on a guy in the vending machine business, and yet all of a sudden, Todd is able to pay it off before he is killed, so he thought it’d be worth looking for any unusual activity. Shortly, everyone is in the conference room poring over all three victims’ financial histories and they find that two weeks ago each victim deposited $9500 in their bank accounts. Beckett concludes that they were all receiving money from the same source. Castle adds that both Maya and Chloe had small charges of less than $20 each on their credit cards from a company called KCBC. Beckett says that Todd’s records show the same. She tells Ryan and Esposito to look into who made the deposits in the victims’ accounts and to find out what KCBC is. Castle grins smugly that his theory might have yielded a connection, but Beckett tells him to hold off on celebrating since they don’t yet know how the victims are connected. Castle grins again and says that he missed Beckett too. She rolls her eyes and also grins.

Later that night, Ryan returns and, ignoring Castle, says that the $9500 deposits were made in cash, making them untraceable. Beckett then suspects that all victims were into something illegal. Esposito returns an says that KCBC bills to an internet card processing service and that there’s no address on file, but that they were able to find out where all the charges were made from. He holds up a slip of paper with an address on it, which Castle tries to take from him, only to have Esposito hold onto it and say that he’s on top of it. Beckett tells Castle it’s time for a road trip and Castle snatches the slip from Esposito.

The two arrive at the address, which doesn’t look like a credit card company at all. The entrance is off a very dark alley and the door is locked by a key pad upon which a person must enter a numerical code to gain access. Beckett enters the number Lanie found on Maya’s hand and the door opens for them to reveal a hidden burlesque club with fire eaters, midgets who juggle, women who walk around with large snakes draped over their shoulders and scantily clad female dancers. When Castle wonders how he’s never been there before, Beckett tells him that the place pales in comparison to clubs that she’s been to. They ask the bartender if he’s seen any of the three victims, and he answers that they’re all part of the owner’s, Kitty Canary’s, dance troupe, and points to the scantily clad woman dancing before many of the patrons.

Castle & Beckett interview Kitty who tells them that Todd had a snake act, Chloe was a dancer, and Maya was just a patron who came from time to time for inspiration. Kitty’s husband Earl then joins them. Kitty goes on explaining that she didn’t know all three very well beyond just being co-workers, except that Maya and Chloe did come to her for tattoos, as she is a tattoo artist by day. Kitty also talks about how Chloe’s boyfriend Evan came around the club one night and had a loud argument with her about what she was doing at the club. Kitty said she suspected that Evan thought Chloe was cheating on him.

The next day Beckett & Castle interview Evan again and he admits to following Chloe to the club and arguing with her, but only because she had been acting secretive. Beckett demands to know why he didn’t say anything before and Evan says it was because he was afraid the police would focus on him as a suspect. Beckett demands to know where the $9500 came from to which he answers that he has no idea about any money being put into Chloe’s account. Beckett & Castle leave the interrogation and Beckett asks Ryan to get a search warrant for Evan’s apartment. Esposito shows Beckett the records of club members who were on Kitty’s list of regulars and Castle recognizes one as being the model for one of Maya’s sculptures. The man, Xander Doyle, lives in the Bowery which matches where the cab company dropped Maya off the morning she was murdered.

Castle & Beckett interview Xander who admits to knowing Maya, having met her at the club. He also admits to having seen her the morning she was killed when she came to him, saying she needed help because she was in trouble, what kind she wouldn’t say. She came to him to borrow a gun. He also says that he smelled chemicals on her when he saw her once a few weeks earlier – the smell reminded him of a friend who makes meth.

Outside the interrogation room, Castle & Beckett think they’ve found the connection, but Beckett is still dubious. Castle theorizes that all of them were sitting around the club one night after hours complaining about money troubles and that Chloe suggested they all go into making meth together. Lanie, however, disputes the drug theory, but says that Xander was right about the chemicals – she found trace amounts of bleach, acetone, sodium chloride and ammonia on each victim, but no evidence of meth itself. Ryan then calls Beckett to tell her that the murder weapon was found in Evan Murphy’s apartment.

Beckett questions Evan intensely, demanding to know what they were into together. Evan says he’s never seen the gun before and that he only fought with Chloe over his suspicions that she was having an affair. Beckett doesn’t believe him and continues to press him, only to have him lawyer up.

Castle & Beckett stand at the murder board, looking for some clue to what happened. Beckett then says that the lab report on the murder weapon showed that fingerprints were wiped off it. Castle suggests that maybe he planned to keep the gun for self defense or to get rid of it at a later date, all theories Beckett rules out as improbable. Esposito then says that Evan’s financials show no unusual activity. Castle guesses that maybe Evan was mad that he didn’t get a cut of whatever the victims were into, but Beckett says they still don’t know what they were into other than the fact that all made a lot of money. The money reference gets Castle thinking and he runs off to find Chloe’s purse while Beckett watches him intently. Castle pulls a couple bills out of Chloe’s wallet and shows them to Beckett – they each have the same serial number, leading them to realize that all the victims were into counterfeiting. Chloe’s chemicals were used to bleach the color out of real bills, Maya the sculptor was used to make the printing plates, and Todd was needed to get the dollar bills to bleach. Beckett then says that one ingredient is missing, and both gasp as they simultaneously figure out who the killer is. Beckett grins back at Castle, who returns her smile, happy that he helped her solve the case.

At the burlesque club, Kitty and Earl frantically gather up the evidence of their counterfeiting ring, but before they can escape Beckett and the boys arrive and intercept Kitty. Ryan confirms that the bills in a bag Kitty had packed are fake. She asks what gave her away and Castle says it was ink, which she had an ample supply of being a tattoo artist. Beckett then tells her that she knows she and Earl tried to throw them off with the story about Evan’s argument with Chloe and that she planted the murder weapon in his apartment, only she didn’t have time to put his fingerprints on it. As Beckett speaks, Castle sees a shadow shift across the floor and turns to see Earl aim a gun at Beckett. Castle leaps and knocks Beckett out of the line of fire. Esposito and Ryan return fire but Earl gets away. Beckett orders them to give chase and they take off. Kitty has also run off with the bag full of money. Beckett tells Castle to stay put and when he asks what he’s to do if they come back, Beckett gives him her backup handgun. She walks off to find them, leaving Castle alone.

Castle glimpses Kitty getting away and gives chase through a side door. He finds himself in the same room where we found him at the beginning of the episode, in a room surrounded by mirrors holding a gun, hearing voices searching for someone. As in the beginning the mirrors shatter around him and he runs, dodging bits of broken glass until he ends up in an alley facing Beckett with her gun aimed at him. She orders him to drop and he refuses, and putting the two in the same standoff from the beginning. Finally, they both fire, Castle hitting Kitty who was behind Beckett with a gun and Beckett hitting Earl who was behind Castle with his gun. The two drop wounded, and Esposito and Ryan arrive to arrest them. Beckett exhales, relieved and Castle nervously flashes an OK sign.

Back at the precinct, Castle & Beckett explain to Montgomery how the three hatched the plan one night at the burlesque club. Kitty and Earl agreed to launder the money through the club and make cash payments to the others. Todd used the counterfeit money to pay off his loan shark, who threatened to expose the operation unless Todd came clean about it. Maya and Chloe were willing to go along with Todd, but Kitty and Earl weren’t. Todd had no idea when he confronted them that Kitty was not to be tangled with, having served 5 years in another state for manslaughter. When she got out of prison, she changed her name and moved to New York. When the others wanted out, Kitty and Earl figured they’d kill the others and take the supplies with them. Montgomery compliments Castle & Beckett on their work on the case and heads back to his office.

Beckett admits to Castle that he won the bet, but Castle still volunteers to walk away. Beckett refuses, saying he won fair and square. Castle bids her goodnight and leaves grinning widely. Beckett watches him leave, also grinning. Esposito comes up behind her and asks how long before Castle did she know that the connection was counterfeiting. Beckett doesn’t answer, and coyly walks away instead.

Back at his apartment, Castle finds Alexis on the phone and Martha explains that Alexis finally got in touch with the guy from Princeton. When Castle asks who called who, Martha answers that all that matters is that they finally connected.



  • Chloe Whitman - chemistry teacher, shot with a handgun
  • Maya Santori - sculptor, shot with a handgun
  • Todd McCutcheon - vending machine business owner, shot with a handgun

Perps and Why They Did It: Kitty Canary and her husband Earl. They set up a counterfeiting operation, with Todd supplying dollar bills, Chloe using chemicals to bleach out the print on the authentic bills, and Maya to sculpt the plates for printing the counterfeit bills. Kitty would supply the ink from her day job as a tattoo artist. Todd McCutcheon was in debt to a loan shark and tried to pay his debt off using the counterfeit bills. The shark threatened to expose their operation and Todd, Maya and Chloe were all wiling to give it up, but not Kitty. She murdered all of them, then tried to frame Chloe's boyfriend for the crimes, to keep them from talking.

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