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A Chill Goes Through Her Veins

Basic Details[edit]

Season 1, Episode 5 (5)

Original Air Date - April 6, 2009


A frozen woman found tangled in steel bars at a construction site leads Castle and Beckett to a years-old mystery and a long abandoned case. As the two uncover startling revelations about the victim’s past, the investigation forces Beckett to face some difficult memories of her own, which provides Castle insight into his muse and additional material for his novel.

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  • K Callan starred in two episodes of Drive, a TV mini-series in which Nathan Fillion starred.


Esposito: Why can't they find bodies between 9 and 5?
Beckett: Well, early bird gets the collar.

Castle: Awesome, right? My first cold case. Come on. It's a little funny.

Beckett: She's melting.
Castle: Maybe we should be looking for ruby slippers.
Beckett: Yeah, while you're at it, why don't you look for some flying monkeys? Maybe they left her here.

(Beckett drops a stack of filed in front of Castle.)
Beckett: Welcome to the Department's official facial recognition database.
(Ryan and Esposito drop more files.)
Castle: By hand? That's like life before TiVo.

Castle: People don't disappear off the face of the earth.
Ryan: Sure they do. Quantum physics, alien abductions, Schrödinger's cat. One minute, you're getting a hot dog in the park, the next you're fighting off Sleestaks on the far side of a dimensional rift.

Beckett: Well, she must have had a reason for running away.
Castle: Hmm. I'm not judging her. Some people love the institution, hate the day-to-day.
Beckett: Are you one of those people, Castle?
Castle: I guess I just haven't met the right girl.

Castle: Maybe he finally figured out what happened to his wife and was about to go to the police with it.
Ryan: I don't believe it.
Castle: Give me 250 pages, I bet I could make you.
Beckett: We're solving a murder, Castle, not writing a book.
Castle: I could call it, “A Chill Runs Through Her Veins.”
Esposito: Ooh. I like that.
Castle: "Bam" said the lady, another best-seller for me.

Castle: I ever disappear, make sure this guy's not on my case.
Beckett: I hate cops like him. Guys like him, things only make sense if they fit in a box. So they make them fit, and murderers go free.
Castle: That what happened to your Dad?
Beckett: My Dad?
Castle: I noticed your watch.

Albert: What if it's a mob hit? I mean, I got a family.
Beckett: So did she.

Alexis: If I was putting a body in a freezer it'd be because I was trying to hide it.
Castle: Until you stop paying for the storage space.
Alexis: Did I stop, or did something stop me?
Castle: It's family moments like these I will never forget.
Alexis: With a good therapist, hopefully, I will.

Beckett: What's the point in dragging everyone through the mud? Haven't their kids been through enough? Don't they deserve some peace?
Beckett: What they deserve is to know what happened to their mother.

Martha: Has anyone seen my purse?
Castle: (About his game of laser tag with Alexis) Mom. We are totally doing battle on the field of honor.
Martha: How old are you?
Castle: Old enough to afford the top-of-the line laser tag.

Beckett: Wow. I feel like Alfred in the Batcave for the first time.
Castle: Hmm. Batman fan. It figures.
Beckett: Why?
Castle: Similar origin stories. Loss of a loved one leads to a life of fighting crime.
Beckett: Yes, well, you are the multi-millionaire crime fighter.

Beckett: I can't find it.
Castle: Find what?
Beckett: The answer.
Castle: It was Sam. Everything fits. It's a good ending.
Beckett: Yeah, but without proof, it's just a theory. And that family, those kids, they need more than just a theory. They need to know. I need to know.

Castle: Sometimes, when I'm trying to figure out how a character of mine does something, I will walk the crime scene. This one time, I was trying to figure out how to throw someone off the Empire State Building, and that movie Sleepless in Seattle had just come out. So many lonely women approached me, thinking I was their Tom Hanks. I got laid--
Beckett: Castle!

Castle: Alright, so you and I are married.
Beckett: We are not married.
Castle: Relax. It’s just pretend.
Beckett: I don’t want to pretend.
Castle: Scared you’ll like it?
Beckett: OK, if we’re married I want a divorce.
Roger: Are you two like this all the time?
Castle & Beckett (Simultaneously): Yes!

Beckett: Why did you stop paying?
Wyler: Look, I'm truly sorry about what happened to Melanie. But what was I supposed to do? Keep paying for the rest of my life?
Beckett: The DA and I will make sure of that, Mr. Wyler.

Castle: You could just leave it like this. Sam's dead. The Captain's happy. Those kids look pretty happy.
Beckett: That's the difference between a novel and the real world, Castle. A cop doesn't get to decide how the story ends.

Castle: If you had figured out what Sam had done, why not just go to the police? He would have gone to prison for the rest of his life.
Ben Davidson: If he'd been convicted. They didn't have a body at the time, remember? His lawyers would have put Melanie on trial, not him.
Beckett: So you took matters into your own hands.
Ben Davidson: Well, you could certainly understand how a father might want to. How he might follow his daughter's murderer one dark night, when he was sure no other people would be around. How he might confront him with a gun he'd brought back from the war. Might even promise forgiveness in exchange for the
truth. And, hearing his admission, be overcome with rage. Every time he brought the girls to see us, I watched a little piece of my wife die. A visit from your grandkids should be life-affirming, not a reminder of how your only child was murdered.
Beckett: Killing him wasn't the answer.
Ben Davidson: I never said I killed him. I said a father might be justified. Police told me Sam was shot in a robbery. And, without evidence, there would be little chance his killer would ever be brought to justice. So I guess we'll find out if that's really true.

Beckett: By the way it was my mother not my father. We were supposed to go to dinner together, my mom, my dad and I and she was gonna meet us at the restaurant. But she never showed. Two hours later we went home and there was a detective waiting for us, Detective Raglin. They found her body. She had been stabbed.
Castle: A robbery?
Beckett: No. She still had her money and purse and jewelry. And it wasn’t a sexual assault either. They attributed it to gang violence. Random wayward event. So, just like in Melanie’s case, they couldn’t think outside the box. So they just tried to package it up nicely. And the killer was never caught.
Castle: Why do you wear the watch?
Beckett: My Dad took her death hard. He’s sober now. Five years. So, this is for the life that I saved (shows man’s watch on her wrist) and this is for the life that I lost (shows a ring she wears around her neck on a chain).

Castle: Until tomorrow, Detective.
Beckett: You can't just say ‘night?’
Castle: I'm a writer. ‘Night’ is boring. ‘Until tomorrow’ is more hopeful.
Beckett: Yeah. Well, I'm a cop. Night.
Castle: Night.


  • Click here for a link to the Murder Board for Johanna Beckett's case.
  • This episode contains a Nathanism

Featured Music[edit]

  • Beggars Prayer performed by Emiliana Torrini - a dead frozen body is found
  • This Old Farmhouse performed by Scott MacLeod - Castle and Beckett meet with a Sheriff
  • No Envy, No Fear performed by Joshua Radin - Beckett tells Castle about her mom's murder

Full Episode Recap[edit]

Full episode recap from ABC.com


Who: Melanie Cavanagh, 34 at time of death, been missing for over 5 years.
Found: at a construction site, inside a re-bar cage waiting for concrete to be poured in. She was frozen, melting actually. Been kept in a freezer in a storage unit
Where Killed: In her apartment, probably in the kitchen
How: Blunt force trauma to her head, probably by a frying pan (as acted out by Castle & Beckett)

Motive: Jealousy. About her infidelity in Philadelphia with ex boyfriend.

Killer: Samuel Cavanagh (husband of victim) and Charles Wyler (Sam's best friend)

  • Samuel Cavanagh actually attacked his wife, killing her.
  • Charles Wyler is an accessory to murder and obstruction of justice. After Sam killed Melanie, he called Charles. He bought the freezer (probably), rented the truck and storage unit. They created a scheme to get Melanie's body out of the apartment in the freezer.

Who: Samuel Cavanagh
Where Killed: Outside a grocery store, "a year ago"
How: Two shots to the chest with a small caliber gun
Motive: looked like a robbery ... but really Revenge: Mr. Davidson figured out that Sam killed his daughter, and confronted him and killed him. He "told a story about how a father might...", but did not confess, and asked for an attorney

Killer: Ben Davidson (Melanie's father)

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