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A Calm Before The Storm is the first of the series of successful novels featuring Derrick Storm written by Richard Castle in the years before he met Beckett. Although the text novel is not referenced in the show, a prop copy of the book exists, and it is one of the four Storm novels that have been published by Marvel as a graphic novel in the real world.


(From richardcastle.net): Derrick Storm is looking forward to finally getting out of the game – stocking up his cabin cruiser and heading out into the open Atlantic for good. But his plans are put on hold when, on the eve of a UN summit, the severed head of a Russian diplomat is found bobbing in the backwaters of the Hudson. Storm’s CIA handler Clara Strike, enlists him to crack a plot of global proportions, pitting the uncanny PI against a legion of eastern bloc mercenaries, and an ex-KGB hit-man known simply as “The Fear.”

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