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47 Seconds

© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
© 2011-2012 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.

Basic Details[edit]

Season 4, Episode 419 (77)

Original Air Date - March 26, 2012


The pressure is on the team at the 12th precinct to find the person behind responsible when a bomb explodes at an anti-Wall Street protest rally, killing five people. As the investigation progresses, Beckett unwittingly sets off a bomb of another kind that could cause Castle to bury his feelings for her permanently.

Episode Images[edit]

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Main Cast[edit]

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Guest Cast[edit]

  • Christine Woods - Leann West, TV reporter
  • Tim Guinee - Andrew Haynes
  • Walter Perez - Bobby Lopez
  • Matthew Carey - Mr. Levine
  • Michael Rose - FBI Agent
  • Samuel Child - Jesse Friedman
  • Gilbert Owuor - Malik
  • Lorin McCraley - Westside Wally
  • Nikki Novak - Corinne
  • Ann Reilly - Val Brookstone, newlywed witness
  • John Ruby - Mark
  • Kate Siegel - Nadia
  • Michael Alperin - Beethoven
  • Wil Bowers - Male Reporter
  • David C. Scott - News Host




Beckett: (quoting) To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards of men.

Castle: So their deaths were random. You know, most of our victims, they die for a reason. There’s a logic behind it, it’s a twisted logic at times, but at least it makes some kind of sense.
Beckett: Yeah, but in this case, these people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Castle: And their future, and their plans, everything is just gone in a flash.
Beckett: It makes you think about all those things in your own life that you don’t want to put off anymore.

Capt. Gates: What do you mean we have no leads? What about the Middle Eastern man?
Beckett: We interviewed him. He cleared.
Castle: Yeah, that box he was carrying – full of Chinese takeout. The most dangerous thing in there was MSG.

Martha: Honey, did you ever wonder why I never visited you at the precinct the first year you were working there?
Castle: I always thought it was because of the harsh lighting.

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Castle: And if the bombing proves anything, it’s that bad things can happen no matter what you do. Nobody’s tomorrow is guaranteed.
Martha: So, how do you plan to act on this realization?
Castle: What do you mean?
Martha: Oh, you know what I mean. Richard, how much longer are you going to drag your heels before you tell Beckett how you feel and I mean while she is awake, not lying on the ground with a bullet in her chest?
Castle: You don’t understand.
Martha: It’s complicated, so you say only it’s not. It’s not. Nobody’s tomorrows are guaranteed, right? Wouldn’t it be better to tell her, even if the timing is wrong than never to tell her at all?
Castle: What if she isn’t ready?
Martha: Then she never will be. Then you move on.

FBI Agent: Well, have them re-interview the witnesses and find someone who saw Haynes put that backpack down. (He leaves)
Capt. Gates: You’re welcome.

Capt. Gates: I hear that you’re quite the speed reader and in the time that I’ve known you, you’ve shown, well…on occasion, an exceptional attention to detail.
Castle: That’s the first time you’ve ever paid me a compliment (She gestures for him to be quiet) Go on.
Capt. Gates: We’ve conducted over a hundred interviews so far. Someone needs to review them swiftly looking for information that could help us ID our suspect. And, uh, I believe you’re my best bet.
Castle: (to Beckett) I think she’s finally starting to like me.
Capt. Gates: No, I’m not.
Castle: (whispers to Beckett) Wearing her down.

Castle: These are emergency cheering up pancakes. I mean, these are usually reserved for break ups or Dancing with the Stars eliminations.

Castle: It’s just you’re gonna see plenty of reality in your lifetime. I just would like you to keep the rose color on your glasses for as long as possible.
Alexis: I’m trying not to focus on the ugly side of it, Dad. I’ve gotten straight A’s, awards, more trophies than I can count. This job is the first thing that’s made me feel like I’m doing something important, valuable. I mean, isn’t that why you do it?
Castle: You’re a pretty smart kid, you know that?
Alexis: Well, they say genius skips a generation.
Castle: Apparently so does funny.

Bobby: I swear I don’t remember!
Beckett: The hell you don’t remember! Do you wanna know trauma?! I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it! And so do you.
Castle: (to himself) All this time, you remembered.

Martha: Honey, isn’t this kind of morbid?
Castle: It’s how I’m feeling.
Martha: She isn’t dead.
Castle: She might as well be. I really thought we could have a future together. You know, I was willing to wait. Come to find out it’s just a big joke. She knew. This whole time she remembered and she didn’t say anything…because she was embarrassed. She doesn’t feel the same way. I’m such a fool.

Martha: Why on earth would you go back knowing how she feels, knowing that she lied to you?
This isn’t about her. This is about them. It’s about doing something real, something that matters. I’m not willing to let that go.
Martha: Richard, love is not a switch. You can’t just turn it off. You can’t work side-by-side with her and not feel anything.
Castle: Watch me.

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Beckett: Bombers usually add projectiles to maximize damage.
Castle: That’s not the only way to maximize damage.

Beckett: Why didn’t you come forward once you realized what you had done?
Leanne: I thought about it, but what good would that do? I kept quiet for Jesse. I wanted to protect his memory.
Castle: Well, that’s what your friend Jesse would call sinning by silence. It’s not smart, it’s not brave. It’s just cowardly.


47 is a reoccurring number on this show, as in this episode's title. Other examples include:

Full Episode Recap[edit]

A Wall Street protest rally is underway at Boylan Plaza and a news crew arrives to record the scene. Reporter Leann West and her cameraman begin shooting a live broadcast when a bomb explodes.

That night, Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett walk through the scene. Beckett says that initial reports indicate five to be dead and 28 injured. Beckett tries to badge her way closer to the scene, but is refused by a federal agent and redirected to where the NYPD is gathering. As she searches for her colleagues, Detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito, Castle is stopped in his tracks when he sees the dead body of a young boy.

Beckett locates Ryan and Esposito, who say that Captain Victoria Gates is getting instructions from the feds, but that it doesn’t look to be a suicide bomber. Captain Gates joins them and reports that the feds will lead the investigation, and that the NYPD has been assigned to determine whether or not the protesters were targeted. As a result, uniformed officers are bringing family members of the dead and survivors to the precinct for questioning.

At the precinct, Beckett questions a protester about his friend, Jesse Friedman, who was killed. The young man says attendance at the rally had been dropping and he planned on quitting, but Jesse convinced him to stay using a quote about how sinning by silence is cowardly.

Meanwhile, in an interrogation room, Ryan and Esposito interview Val Brookstone, whose husband Matt was killed, as Castle watches from the observation room. Val explains that they came to the city as tourists and were simply curious to see the protest.

In the break room, Beckett finds Castle alone and asks if he is ok. He nods, but says the case is getting to him. Beckett solemnly explains how one victim whose family member she interviewed was the first in his family to go to college and another was the mother or two, but it seems like nobody was targeted. They both realize how this case is different from their others since the dead were just unlucky and Castle notes how each victim had hopes and dreams that in a flash were destroyed. Beckett returns his meaningful stare, saying that the case makes you think about all the things in life that you don’t want to put off. She begins to speak, but Esposito interrupts, saying Captain Gates’ briefing is starting.

In front of what usually serves as a murder board, Captain Gates explains that the FBI has discovered that the bomb was placed under a lamppost, but that 47 seconds earlier, there was nothing under the same lamppost. Their job is to determine what happened in the intervening 47 seconds, so they will have to interview everyone who has been identified as being in the plaza. Beckett is handed a packet with a listing of over 300 names as Gates promises to bring in more shifts since if they find the witness to who put the bomb in its place, they find the bomber.

As frustration begins to settle in, Beckett and Castle question a woman who was getting coffee at a coffee truck with her sister Nadia when the bomb went off. She explains how she noticed a sweaty and nervous-looking Middle Eastern man carrying a box in the direction of the lamppost. Nadia was also bumped into by a man wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, causing her to spill her coffee on her blouse. As she was wiping it down, the bomb went off.

Later, Esposito and Ryan show a sketch of the man to Westside Wally, a local homeless man who was in the plaza. He doesn’t recognize the man and says he was in his usual spot by a set of dumpsters, not near the coffee truck or within a good view of the lamppost. He explains that he saw a man dressed as Beethoven acting like he was conducting an orchestra. The man said “We’re good to go” then disappeared.

In Captain Gates’ office, Castle and Beckett report that the Middle Eastern man was merely delivering Chinese food. Captain Gates expresses her frustration and shows the two an as yet unpublicized message the bomber sent an hour ago threatening another attack. To move faster, Beckett proposes they prioritize the interviews by getting the FBI to share any and all video footage taken from the plaza to determine who was closest to the lamppost. Captain Gates promises to do her best and leaves. Castle suggests they go to the morgue since a clue may be found on the bodies of the victims.

In the morgue, a harried Medical Examiner Lanie Parish is relieved to see Castle’s and Beckett’s friendly faces. Beckett asks if she found any clues on the bodies and Lanie shows them the body of Jesse Friedman who she determined was the closest to the blast since they found bits of blue canvas all over his skin and explosive residue on the fabric. This indicates to Castle and Beckett that the blue canvas bag contained the bomb, so if they find who in the plaza was carrying a matching bag, they’ll find their bomber. Castle spies his daughter, Alexis, looking exhausted and excuses himself. Alexis says she’s been cataloging the victims’ personal effects and a bracelet worn by one of the victims reminded her of one she’d made for Castle when she was a kid. Seeing her emotional state, Castle suggests they leave and at first Alexis resists, but eventually agrees. Beckett sees them go and grins.

The next morning, Castle sits in his office watching a news report about the bombing. He turns off the television when his mother, Martha Rodgers, enters with two coffees. She asks about Alexis and Castle says she is sleeping then wishes he could keep her in bed. Martha goes on to say that at first his working at the precinct disturbed her, but eventually she figured out that he has to make his own choices. Castle then says that the lesson of the bombing is that bad things happen no matter what choice we make and that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. As a result, Martha encourages him to tell Beckett how he feels again, but he balks. She uses his own words against him, says he should take the risk even if the timing is wrong and if she isn’t ready, then he can move on.

He arrives at the precinct with his and Beckett’s usual coffees and sits down in his normal chair next to her desk. He asks if they can talk and she agrees. He begins by saying how the victims’ lost opportunities got him thinking about how he doesn’t want to waste his own opportunities, but Ryan interrupts them. Castle says it can wait and follows Beckett into the conference room.

There they find Ryan and Captain Gates in front of a map of Boylan Plaza covered in red dots that show the location of cell phone signals at the time of the bombing. As they play the video forward, the dots move according to the location of the signal allowing them to track the movement of each person in the plaza. Castle notices one dot approach the lamppost, pause for a second then run away just before the explosion. Ryan identifies the owner of the cell phone as Andrew Haynes, but can’t get a reading on his current location. Beckett recognizes the name and checks her list of witnesses to find that he is in the precinct waiting to be interviewed.

As Haynes waits in an interrogation room, Esposito and Ryan explain to Beckett and Castle that Haynes has a history of disrupting the protests, was a suspect in a Greenpeace bombing a few years ago and that the email threatening a second bombing came from his laptop. Castle guesses he came to the precinct so willingly because is proud of what he did and wants the recognition.

Beckett enters the interrogation room and expresses sympathy for Haynes’ opinion then shows him a map of the plaza and asks him to point out his location. He does so, getting close to Beckett, which she doesn’t seem to mind. He describes how he was handing out anti-protest fliers about 100 feet from the blast site when someone grabbed him from behind and turned him around then apologized and moved on. Beckett lets him rant about how the protesters are just spoiled children then suggests that stopping the whole thing would be doing a service and he agrees. She then nails him about planting the bomb, accusing him of lying about his location based on where they know his phone was, but he claims he lost his phone in the plaza. When she confronts him about the threatening emails, he lawyers up.

Later, Captain Gates and an FBI Agent watch from her office as Haynes is lead away in handcuffs. The agent says he fits their profile of the bomber, but Gates tells him he has resisted confessing. The agent, in turn, tells her to keep interviewing witnesses in hopes that someone saw him place the bomb.

In the conference room, Ryan and Esposito report that they spoke to 20 witnesses along the path of Haynes’ phone, but none could identify him. Beckett says of the people she interviewed, four remember seeing someone in a black hoodie, but none saw his face. Esposito points out that half the protesters were wearing the same hoodie, so the witnesses could have seen anyone. As the news report footage plays behind Ryan and Esposito, Castle notices a street drummer who they haven’t interviewed yet and remembers that Nadia and her sister said they saw him near the coffee truck after the cameraman told him to move, putting him in Haynes’ path. Ryan wonders how they’ll find him since they don’t know his name, but Beckett wonders, since he is a street performer, if he’s gotten any noise citations, would make him easy to find.

Later, Castle and Beckett talk to the street performer, Malik, who is reluctant to tell them anything fearing that he’ll be deported. Once Beckett reassures him that she doesn’t care about his immigration status, he tells them he saw a man wearing a black takeover sweatshirt and carrying a blue backpack walk to the lamppost, drop the backpack against it, leave then bump into Nadia. He describes him as a Hispanic man in his twenties and fails to identify a photo of Andrew Haynes as the man he saw, meaning the FBI has the wrong guy and the real bomber is still at large.

In Captain Gates’ office, the FBI Agent grills Beckett about why Haynes is the wrong guy. Beckett shows him a drawing of the Hispanic man and reminds the agent that the details about the bomb haven’t been released to the public, so Malik would have no way of knowing about the blue backpack unless he saw it. He tells them to pursue the lead, but says they will continue to hold Haynes as the prime suspect.

Later on, Captain Gates gives another briefing and says identifying the Hispanic man is their top priority. As the briefing beaks up, she stops Castle and asks him to review transcripts of the hundreds of interviews they’ve conducted in hopes of finding some reference to their suspect, since she hears he is a speed reader and has, on occasion shows attention to detail. He begins to thank her for the compliment then stops when she quiets him and hands him the stack of transcripts. She heads back to her office and Castle suggests to Beckett that she is starting to like him. Overhearing him, Captain Gates disagrees.

The next morning, Castle enters his loft kitchen and finds Alexis cooking breakfast. He says he found nothing in the witness statements that could lead to the bomber, so to cheer him up, she hands over a plate of chocolate chip pancakes, explaining that they both could use cheering up. Castle begins to say how he’d hoped to shield Alexis from such nasty sights, but she tells him she is trying not to focus on the ugly side of her work in the morgue, but rather on how it makes her feel like she is finally doing something valuable. She asks him if that is why he works at the precinct and he agrees, calling her a very smart girl. To lighten the mood, she jokes that genius skips a generation and Castle counters that a sense of humor must also do so.

At the precinct, Beckett studies the murder board, but her thoughts drift back to Castle and she gazes at the chair next to her desk, his chair. Ryan joins her and says a protester identified the Hispanic man as guy named Bobby whose address she knows. Ryan and Esposito catch Bobby leaving his apartment building and arrest him. They search the black backpack he is carrying, but only find workout clothes and water bottles inside.

In an interrogation room, Beckett tells Bobby that his apartment is being searched and presses him as to why he planted the bomb. Meanwhile, Castle arrives with coffees and asks Esposito about the status of the case. He tells him Beckett is questioning the bomber in an interrogation room and Castle quickly heads to the observation room to watch. Inside, Bobby admits to having the backpack, but claims he cannot remember why, citing traumatic amnesia. Beckett presses him harder, but he won’t change his story. In frustration, Beckett tells him how she remembers every second of her own shooting, so he cannot possibly have forgotten the explosion. Castle hears this and realizes that Beckett has been lying to him about not remembering her shooting and his admission that he loves her. He exits the observation room angrily. Outside, Beckett tells Esposito that Bobby isn’t talking, so she plans to sweat him a little. Arriving at her desk and finding her coffee there, but no Castle, she asks where he is. Esposito says he left saying only there was somewhere he needed to be.

Meanwhile, Castle and Martha walk through the plaza where an impromptu memorial for the victims has been set up. Castle laments how he thought he and Beckett had a future together, how he was willing to wait for her, and concludes she lied to him because she didn’t feel the same. When he tells Martha he plans on heading back to the precinct to continue helping with the investigation because it is more important than his individual feelings, Martha protests, saying he can’t expect to be able to work alongside Beckett without feeling something. Castle screws up his courage and promises to bury his feelings.

Back at the precinct, Castle says he was clearing his head, and asks for an update. Beckett says Bobby hasn’t confessed and Esposito arrives saying the FBI determined that the explosion was caused by a pipe bomb, but that it didn’t contain anything that would maximize damage like nails or ball bearings. Castle looks at Beckett and notes that lots of things can maximize damage. The comment momentarily distracts her, but she keeps on asking about the bomb’s detonator. Esposito guesses it was a remote, possibly a garage door opener, which would mean it has a short range. Castle realizes this means the trigger was also in the plaza and Beckett bets they’ll find it in Bobby’s apartment. Ryan arrives and says they found no trigger there, but lots of cell phones, including Andrew Haynes’, meaning he was telling the truth about losing his phone, and wallets, meaning Bobby is a pick pocket.

Back in interrogation, Bobby admits to being a thief, to stealing Haynes’ phone and says he lied because he figured it was the easy way to keep himself out of trouble. Castle shoots Beckett another angry look after Bobby’s comment, but she misses it. Bobby says he found the backpack lying in between two dumpsters and heard Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony playing nearby. He figured he could score big by lifting it, but someone chased after him to stop him, so he wound his way through the crowd, past Malik, dropped it at the lamppost, bumped into Nadia and her sister and left, while the same man mistakes Andrew Haynes for Bobby. Bobby identifies a photo of Jesse Friedman as the man who chased after him.

Later on, Beckett joins Castle at the murder board, saying the FBI found bomb making instructions in Jesse Friedman’s apartment. They spin the theory that he planted it merely to raise sympathy for the protest and without intending to hurt anyone only Bobby ruined the plan by moving the bomb. Ryan and Esposito report that no remote was found on Jesse’s body, meaning someone else detonated the bomb. Ryan adds that thirty seconds before the explosion, Jesse received a call from a burner phone then two seconds before the explosion he tried to call the same number, but the call didn’t go through. Castle says that since the remote had a 100 yard range, Jesse’s partner must have been in the plaza and then reviews all they know. As he flips through the case file, Esposito reveals a picture of Jesse wearing a Beethoven t-shirt, leading Castle to conclude that the Fifth Symphony that Wally and Bobby heard was a ringtone of Jesse calling his partner to tell him the plan was on. Castle guesses that since the call was long enough to alert the recipient of the plan, it must have been made to someone who would be able to broadcast the explosion to the world, meaning Leann was Jesse’s partner.

In interrogation, Castle and Beckett spin their theory that Jesse wanted attention for the protest and Leann wanted a promotion so together they hatched a plan to set a bomb off at the plaza. Leann denies everything and tries to leave until Beckett shows her the burner phone Jesse called to tell her the plan was a go which they found in a storm drain two blocks from the plaza along with the remote detonator. Leann comes clean and admits that nobody was supposed to get hurt. When Beckett asks her why she didn’t tell the truth, she responds that she wanted to protect Jesse’s memory and if she had, it wouldn’t have done any good. Castle casts Beckett another angry look then says Jesse would have considered her actions sinning by silence, and therefore cowardly. Beckett senses something amiss in his tone, but doesn’t question it.

Later on, Captain Gates congratulates all the personnel under her command for solving the case and tells them they made her proud. She dismisses them, sending them home to rest, and Beckett asks Ryan, Esposito, and Castle if they want to have a drink with her since she is still wired. Ryan begs off to spend time with Jenny, and Esposito leaves with him. Beckett then asks Castle what he was trying to tell her days before, but he says it isn’t important and tells her he is going home. He bids her good night and quickly heads for the elevator. Beckett is surprised, but lets him go. As she puts on her coat, she looks over her shoulder as Castle boards the elevator. He casts Beckett an angry and betrayed look as the doors close.


  • Victim: Jesse Friedman, three unidentified people
  • Cause of Death: Blunt force trauma due to bomb explosion

  • Perp: Leann West, TV reporter
  • Motive: Ambition: She conspired with Jesse to plant the bomb so she could cover the explosion and be promoted to news anchor

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